Today more than ever, you organization needs to be able to communicate efficiently. While business is always evolving, the one variable that remains constant is the need to be in touch. The need for communication will remain forever, but the way we communicate has changed. Ottick Solutions has the answer for you.

Ottick Solutions specializes in working with small businesses and their communication needs.  Specifically, we are a provider of complete voice communication services for your organization.  We provide you with an advanced telephone system that traditionally only could be afforded by large corporations.  Ottick Solutions believes that your phone system should be tailored to suit your business; you should never have to modify your business processes to fit your phone system.

With OttickVoice, you can put your phone system to work for you.  From one location with three employees to five locations with forty employees, OttickVoice is the perfect fit.  Take advantage of rich features that improve efficiency with your phone system while at the same time reducing your communications costs.

In addition to improving your business efficiency, OttickVoice is an all inclusive service for your business.  OttickVoice is billed at a fixed monthly rate including local calling, long distance calling and every facet of your phone system.  Never again will you need to worry about steep long distance fees or costly maintenance when you need a modification made to your system.
Worried about capital costs and how you will afford OttickVoice?  Don’t be!  The capital cost to your organization is zero.  You keep your capital for your business, and we provide your phone system!

Learn more about our company, the services we have to offer, and contact us when you're ready to move forward.